Getting Started

SMART IDEA GROUP, Inc. | 369 Peninsula Blvd, Suite #1 | Hempstead, NY, 11550 

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The process begins with a return phone call to you after your initial inquiry. The purpose of this call is to gather basic information about your circumstances, explain the consultation process, and give you the opportunity to ask questions. There is no charge for this call.    

Following our discussion, if we mutually decide to work together an intake appointment will be scheduled at either our office or another mutually agreeable location.  In order to maximize our time together, it is important that before the intake appointment, we request you gather copies of the following:  

1) Last 3 years of IEP's

2) Last 3 years of any and all Progress Reports created by your child's school district staff. (Occupational Therapist, Speech Teacher, Classroom Observations, etc.) 

3) Last 3 years of your child's IEP Goals Progress Reports. (End of the year report usually mailed to you in June) 

4) Any correspondence that you've had with staff members at your school district

5) Psychological reports (Either from your school district, an outside provider or both, if possible) 

6) Neuropsychological reports (In the last 4 years, if possible) 

7) Work samples from your child done at school. (handwriting samples, classroom tests, corrected homework, etc.) 

Please place the requested documents in chronological order. 

We will carefully review all of the documents, speak to your child's teachers, therapists and outside providers to ensure your child is receiving the proper services they are entitled to based on IDEA; and to determine if your school district is utilizing all strategies, interventions, services and resources properly to maximize your child's full potential. We always welcome your insights and concerns during this research and discovery process.